Topic Defining Success

  • Fri 23rd Feb 2018 - 9:20am

    Those who lead great lives have learned to bypass the Total Money Magnetism Review system. That is, they are not afraid to go outside of whatever system they are in to effect change for the good of all. They have one foot in, and one foot out, living inside and outside of the box.

    Look at politics, and you will see that Barack Obama worked the system but also worked outside of it to win the election. He was able to bring a new visionary approach to campaigning while also playing the game. He painted inside AND outside of the political lines. One of my most successful clients is seeing the results that come from bypassing the system. When he first started coaching with me, he was trying too hard to fit into the corporate culture where he worked.

    But in a short time, we got him on track by looking at what mattered to him and the ways in which his corporation did not support his most profound values-such as high integrity when doing sales. In a few months, he decided to walk his talk and be completely honest with clients, not compromising any of his convictions.

    Guess what? His income nearly doubled from 180K to 350K in one year. He still enjoys playing the game, but he has fought for changes in the rules. And he is now seen as a leader and a winner...not a whiner. It's all about bypassing the status quo, going beyond the rules of the system.

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