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  • Tue 13th Mar 2018 - 11:53am

    We've likely all seen that commercial on television about how eating gender exclusive knee replacement Review yogurt with live cultures can help you stay regular and feeling great. Well, it's true! Our bodies are home to thousands of both good and bad strains of bacteria called intestinal flora. Recent studies have shown that when bad bacteria outweigh the good, it can set the stage for several diseases including stomach ulcers, allergies, asthma, and even obesity! So, I'd like to spend a little time telling you how keeping your good bacteria at optimum levels can keep your immune system functioning properly and keep you illness-free.

    The Good, The Bad, and the Healthy

    We come into the world with about 90% friendly bacteria onboard that help us ward off illness outside the womb. But once we pass the age of 40, our good bacteria have decreased to about 10-15% of what we originally had as infants. This ratio is almost completely opposite to what we should have. Good bacteria help digest everything we eat and balance the acidic environment of our intestines to prevent yeast overgrowth, bloating, gas, and inflammation. If the good bacteria decrease too much, bad bacteria can overgrow and cause intestinal upsets and possibly lead to more serious illnesses.

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