Interview with .shrike from the CS:GO team!

Fri 29th Apr 2016 - 3:01pm : Gaming

Q: Hey there .shrike, for those of us who don’t know you are, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?


A: Eyy! I’m an 18 year old boy who responds to the name of Gustav. I live in a small town in Sweden called Kil. I've been playing CS for about 3 years now and going to play for many years to come and hopefully make a living off of it!

Q: So, E-Sports... have you had any previous encounters with it before you started playing CS:GO?


A: I’ve been playing on a semi-professional level in Call of Duty before. Not much to put on your résumé, but it’s something.

Q: Why did you start playing computer games in the first place?


A: All my life I’ve been competing with everyone at everything, so when my brother first came home with TF2 that he bought at the local gaming store, I saw it as a challenge. A week later I bought the same game and all I wanted to do was to become better than my brother. After I became better than him I moved on to CoD since most of my friends played it and now it has gone over to CSGO, where I’m planning on staying.

Q: What role would you say that you fulfill inside the team?


A: I’m playing the entryfragger role together with SvinTer. I’m also playing the role of the Donald Duck in our team.

Q: If you were to describe your playstyle with three words, which would they be?


A: Aggressive, gamebreaking and mastermind.


Q: How do you feel about being the youngest in the team, do you have to take a lot of crap for it? And whats your thougths on playing with a few more experienced players in the scene then yourself?


A: It is indeed a tough role. I’m also the youngest in my family, now I get bullied anywhere I go. :(

Q: As we see SEIZED E-Sports taking on a team in the semi-professional scene, what are your future plans and what do you hope our collaboration will bring?


A: Right now, the only plan I have is to get better with the team. I’m hoping to join bigger tournaments in the future and also to get some sponsorships! I put as much time as I can in this team, and it’s simply just because I love everything about it.

Q: If you could choose one person from the CS:GO team to bring with you to a deserted island, who would it be and why?


A: Probably D3CAY, because he would just laugh it off and I’m pretty sure he would happily join me since he would get a better internet connection there than he has right now.

It’s either him or Mulle, his dog. I like dogs.




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