SEIZED E-Sports Welcomes our new League of Legends team!

Thu 21st Apr 2016 - 6:57pm : Gaming

Hey Zebraponken, I hope you’re doing alright ! Thanks for taking the time for this interview !


Q:  So, how does it feel to take the next step in Esports?

 A: It feels great ! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time !


Q: As I understand it you’re basically a bunch of friends (more or less), is this right?

 A: Yeah, we met eachother about six months ago, when we played our first tournament together. We actually won that tournament and after that it seemed natural to continue playing with eachother.


Q: What are your goals for the future now that you joined SEIZED E-Sports?

 A: My goals remain the same, I mainly play because it gives me great enjoyment but I also want to win. I want to push my limits and see how far I can go !


Q: What are your expectations of SEIZED E-Sports?

 A: I expect that SEIZED E-Sports supports me and my team and helps us grow as a team.  


Q: Could you describe who has which role in the team and what's important for their specific role?

 A: Me (toplane) and Max (jungle) provide the team with the backbone so that our playmakers, Hampus (midlane) and Robin (support/botlane), have something to work with.

  Our team revolves around Hampus and Linus (AD carry/botlane) and we rely on them to dish out damage while the rest of us support them, offensively or defensively.


Q: On a personal level how do you feel about being a part of SEIZED E-Sports?

 A: I’m very happy about it ! It gives me motivation to keep going ! It’s with proudness that I say I’m a part of SEIZED E-sports !


Q: Who is the mastermind, who is the rager and who is the most calm person in the team?

 A: Haha, the rager is an easy one, that’s Robin ! The most calm person would probably be me, although Max is pretty calm aswell.

  The mastermind is trickier...we don’t have a mastermind, we complement eachother with knowledge, to create a single mastermind.


Q: What do you think is the key to success, and how to get it?

 A: The most important thing is communication and teamwork.

  After that comes understanding your win condition. The latter, will come through practice and experience. But communication and teamwork is something you more actively practice on.

  The first step is to get to know your teammates personally. How do they communicate? What are their weaknesses and strenghts?

  The next step to improve is to be aware of what you did well and more importanty, what you did poorly. After that, you just need to practice it !




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